Sittelle corse


Même si la saison est loin d’être la meilleure, retrouver cette petite Sittelle endémique reste un grand moment.


Au delà de 1000 mètres d’altitude et au plus profond de la forêt de Laricios, évolue très discrètement la Sittelle corse.


Sa préférence va aux vieux Pins multicentenaires …


Comme sa cousine Torchepot, cette petite Corse ne tient pas en place et bouge en permanence.





2 commentaires

  1. Dear Dr.Peten,

    What a coincidence, today I carried home about 10 kg of all kinds

    of bird food which should last a week, and then I hear from a bird lover!

    I am trying to buy whatever would make most of my birds get through the

    winter, I wish they could tell me what they like. Surprisingly, the dried insects

    and worms are not popular, I would have thought they are a delicacy.

    I am amazed how the ravens and the jays know within minutes if I put

    chopped meat out for them. The blackbirds’s favorite is grated cheese.

    Everybody likes cooked pasta, and musli, besides the usual bird foods.

    My lame pigeon is still managing OK. The others figured out that when

    he shows up, I quickly put some food out.

    I heard of nuthatch but I have ever seen one.

    There are quite a few unidentifiable different little birds in my garden, they

    are too small to photograph with my camera, and they are too quick.

    It is amazing how many varieties of birds there are, if humans would

    just leave them enough living space.

    Have a nice weekend!

    John Kapusi



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