Rêves d’Ibis


Entre chiens et loups, le jour s’apprête à vaincre l’obscurité.
Déjà, la vie animale s’active.


Ces heures calmes et fraiches profitent aux oiseaux en quête de nourriture.
Les Ibis falcinelles sont de la partie.


Malgré leur poids plume, les oiseaux peinent à ne pas s’enfoncer sur les îles végétales flottantes.


Et lorsque la lumière apparait, découvrir les chaudes teintes du plumage est un vrai ravissement.


Les reflets changent à tout moment.


Élégance poussée à l’extrême …


Propulsion …
Décollage immédiat …

6 commentaires

  1. Dear Dr.Peten,

    Water birds are my favorites but I have never seen an ibis

    in real life. How and where did you take these photos?

    I thought they all live on the Nile in Egypt.

    Well, maybe on the Danube Delta? But it might be too cold

    for them at winter. Just shows you what do I know.

    The ibis look exotic and foreign to me, and they graceful way

    they fly, it’s as if they were not real. I am surprised at the strange

    color of their plumage, not what I imagined. No wonder the Egyptians

    made bronzes of the ibis (and of course cats!).

    I like your captions as much as the photos, they tell me that

    you feel for your subjects.

    I cannot seriously send you my pigeon photos to compete with

    your ibis and night heron photos. The pigeons in my garden are

    the only ones who let me come within a few centimeters, a necessity

    with my 70 mm « telephoto » lens. I saw an hour ago the pigeon with

    the lame or paralyzed leg, I quickly put out peanuts for him to supplement

    the pigeon food mix the others get. He survived like this more than a year,

    and another winter is nearly on us.

    Many thanks for brightening up my Sunday afternoon!

    All the three cats are in, including Missy the Norwegian who is normally

    away somewhere, at least they are safe in here, I prefer that.

    Best regards

    John Kapusi



  2. Photos toujours aussi superbes, jolies mettant en valeur l’oiseau avec élégance et commentaires justes.
    C’est une merveille de pouvoir découvrir cela derrière un écran à 80 ans.
    Merci de nous les envoyer


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